About us

NautilusPPE is a subsidiary of Sebago Lake Distillery located in Gardiner, Maine. Early on in the pandemic, the University of Maine contacted us about making hand sanitizer for Maine’s hospitals which were in desperate need of sanitizer. For the next few months we worked with the University of Maine, the Maine Distillers Guild, and the Maine Brewers Guild to produce and donate thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer to Maine’s hospitals and frontline health care organizations. At Sebago Lake Distillery we also made our own hand sanitizer that we donated to our local fire departments, police departments, and other essential workers.

With the restaurants mostly shut down nationwide and everyone staying home, the premium rum business slowed to a trickle but when you run a small business, you have to be nimble. When we decided to shift our hand sanitizer from a charitable to a commercial pursuit we were afraid that some people might think we were profiting from people’s misfortune despite the fact that we have never and will never overcharge for what we make. So, we decided to form a subsidiary, NautilusPPE, and offer our SafetyShell PPE Kits.

Any of our kits can be ordered with a custom label with your company logo and message.

We are also happy to come up with custom kits that will meet your needs if you don’t see anything here that is just right for you.

We can also set you up with monthly or quarterly deliveries so that you will have one less thing to think about every month.

NautilusPPE is big enough to cover your PPE needs

but small enough to be friendly and accessible.

more than


gallons of hand sanitizer sold

During this time, we think we’ve learned a lot about what people really need to go back to work, back to school, and back to some semblance of normal. This is why we have created the Nautilus SafetyShell PPE kits.
Dan Davis Co-Founder,
Sebago Lake Distillery and NautilusPPE

As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, so too will NautilusPPE. We know many people on the front lines and are constantly taking feedback to make our offerings as valuable as possible for consumers. We will always strive to put your needs first and deliver products that help protect you in what will amount to, our new world.